Sculptra® has been used in cosmetic medicine for  over 10 years. Sculptra® is Poly-L-lactic acid and is injected into the deep part of your skin to restore the volume and correct the sagginess that appears naturally over time. An average of 3 treatments are needed over 2 to 4 months.

The effects take up to 10 months to appear fully as the Sculptra® causes your own tissue to remodel itself and create new collagen bonds which serve to strengthen firm and rejuvenate your face.

An average treatment with Sculptra® over 3 sessions takes 5 to 6 vials. Each vial of Sculptra® costs £365.00. Results can be dramatic and because it treats the whole face it can turn back time several years.The treatments lasts up to 2 and a half years in some patients; after this time it can be ‘topped up’ to maintain that youthful look.


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